At DDG Virginia it is our goal to provide quality professional engineering design services by combining experience, knowledge, and hard work, with a strong desire to exceed client expectations. To achieve this goal, we choose to employ an educated staff of experienced professionals focused on quality and fully coordinated design. We manage our services effectively; follow an efficient design and quality control process; and are proactive and responsive in our approach.

We manage our services effectively to develop close business relationships with our clients. This includes coupling a specific design team with each client so they are well acquainted with the staff continually working on their projects. We do this because we fully value our client’s needs and expectations. Our approach provides clients with an efficient design experience, which is essential for success in today's fast-paced market.

DDG’s design team structure offers clients a single point of contact, which provides for a highly efficient and organized design experience. Every team is comprised of a project manager and several senior level engineers responsible for overseeing the work of their respective discipline. The team is rounded-out by talented project engineers, designers and CAD operators responsible for the production of the drawings and specifications. Our approach promotes defined communication channels so valuable information is effectively shared with all team members. We understand that great communication is an essential component for achieving project success.